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Unknown History — Unknown シリーズ No. 4



各会場のテーマは、「Conflict 葛藤」、「Flow / Oral 流れ・語り」、「Eternity 永遠」としてみた。個々の会場と作品は重層的につながることで、広がっていくとともに深さを獲得する。




アユミギャラリー / Underground / 早稲田スコットホールギャラリー





【記録集】Unknown シリーズ(No. 1〜3+号外extra)記録集(A5版 / 本文184ページ、税込み¥2,000)
BankArt Studio NYK(横浜)、NADiff a/p/a/r/t (恵比寿)、NADiff contemporary(東京都現代美術館 1F)、アユミギャラリー(神楽坂)で購入できます。
Unknown History <Unknown Series No.4> 3会場共通チケット 500円

The Unknown Series No. 4: Unknown History

Creating a single work involves an enormous amount of time and endless experimentation. A myriad of experiments are performed during that immeasurable amount of time. Thus, each and every work derives as a result of the accumulation of those experiments.

How do artists of the present age, who create works in their respective locations, inherit, face and overcome the "history" that is behind us?

The three venues in this exhibition have been respectively given the themes "Conflict," "Flow/Oral," and "Eternity." The three venues and the exhibited works will all interconnect and expand, while also gaining depth through the idea of "history."

I hope that viewers will perceive the artists' attitudes and views toward "history," which are manifested in their works and words. I have no doubt that their works will allow the viewers to focus not only on the "present" state but also further into the "beyond."
(July 17, 2013, Chika Kato)

August 23 (Fri.) - September 4 (Wed.), 2013
Venues: Ayumi Gallery / Undrgroud / Waseda Scott Hall Gallery

Artists: Mami Kosemura, Mitsumasa Kadota, Risa Kayahara, Nozomi Watanabe, Nami Yokoyama, Yu Hara, Mio Shirai, Harutaka Matsumoto, Takuro Kotaka, Nao Nishihara, Akiko Minowa, Misaki Machino, Shingo Francis, James Jack, Ryosuke Ogino, and Daisuke Takahashi

Talk Session Guest: Michio Hayashi, Kaori Otake, and Reiichi Noguchi

Live Performances: Harutaka Matsumoto, and Nao Nishihara + Ryuhei Fujita

Workshop: Yu Hara

Exhibition Catalog: The catalog of the Unknown Series, from Nos. 1 to 3 and Unknown Voice, has been published. It compiles the essential documents of those exhibitions from the very first. (A5 size/a total of 184 pages, with 64 color pages/Japanese and English.)

Order Contact:
It can also be purchased at BankArt Studio NYK (Yokohama), NADiff a/p/a/r/t (Ebisu), NADiff Contemporary (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 1 fl.), and Ayumi Gallery (Kagurazaka).
Translator: Taeko Nanpei; Designer: Kaoru Hongo; Editor: Yuko Sakurai

The catalog compiles the essays contributed by Prof. Takao Okamura and Prof. Tetsuo Shimizu of Tokyo Zokei University, Art Critic Yasushi Kurabayashi, and Senior Curator Reiichi Noguchi of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. Other contents include the photos of the exhibited works and commentaries of all the participating artists; the activity reports that were given at the Guest Corner “Voice,” where three persons spoke about their activities in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake; the performance documents by Mio Shirai and Keisuke Oki, Harutaka Matsumoto, and Mineki Murata + Nao Nishihara; and the interviews conducted with the artists at each exhibition.

Unknown History (Unknown Series No. 4)
Admission: 500 yen for all the venues
*The ticket is sold at all the venues.
*The ticket will allow you to freely enter the venues during the entire period.
*For this exhibition, 10% of the sales of works will be donated to the earthquake-stricken areas in Japan.

主催: Unknown 実行委員会キュレーション: カトウチカ

Organizer: The Unknown Committee; Curator: Chika Kato

お問合せ: info@unknownseries-art.com