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Unknown Life — 3.11以降の「Life」について

シリーズ第3回目の「Unknown Life」展においては、3.11以降大きく揺らいだ「Life 生命」という問題を、複数のアーティストの視点で捉え直す機会とし、展覧会全体で生命という言葉が持つ、今なりの様々な側面を表せないかと考えました。

会場は3カ所あり、それぞれが「Life 生命」を構成する無数の要素から選択されたサブテーマを持っています。今回は「Body 身体」、「Travel 旅・変容・変化」、「View 視界」としました。各会場は作品によってリンクし、訪れた人達は各会場を巡り歩き、その後、またより大きく循環する世界に戻って行きます。


2012.07.20 カトウチカ

2012年8月23日[木]—9月5日[水] 11:00-19:00
アユミギャラリー / Underground / 早稲田スコットホールギャラリー

白井美穂、 原游、 村上綾、 利部志穂、 村田峰紀、 西原尚、 荒木悠、 石井香菜子
東野哲史、 友政麻理子、 大舘佐知子、 村上郁、 サンドヴィク・ヨハネセン
松本春崇、 室井公美子、 門田光雅、 大槻英世、 森本太郎



Unknown Life: On "Life" After the 3/11 Disasters

The third in the series, Unknown Life, focuses on the idea of "Life," which was severely shaken after the 3/11 disasters. As an opportunity to reconsider "life" from the perspectives of a number of artists, this exhibition as a whole is aimed at revealing the various nuances possessed by the word "life" in today's world.

The three venues in which this exhibition will be held have their respective subthemes, which were selected from the numerous elements that compose our "Life." The subthemes are "Body;" "Travel, Transformation, Transfiguration;" and "View." The three venues are linked with the exhibited works. After the visitors go around the three venues, they will return to the real world where life evolves in a grander cycle.

Related events will be held during this exhibition, which include an artists' discussion, a film screening, and a live performance related to "Life." In one of the venues, a corner called "Voice" will be set up where guests who have been involved in activities in the affected areas of the 3/11 disasters will hold events. We hope that you will come and enjoy the show.
(July 20, 2013, Chika Kato)

Period: August 3 (Thu.) - September 5 (Wed.), 2013
Venues: Ayumi Gallery, Under Ground, and Waseda Scott Hall Gallery

Artists: Mio Shirai, Yu Hara, Aya Murakami, Shiho Kagabu, Mineki Murata, Nao Nishihara, Yu Araki, Kanako Ishii,
Tetsushi Higashino, Mariko Tomomasa, Sachiko Ohdachi, Kaoru Murakami, Sandvik Johannessen,
Harutaka Matsumoto, Kumiko Muroi, Mitsumasa Kadota, Hideyo Ohtsuki, and Taro Morimoto

Live Performance: Mineki Murata + Nao Nishihara

Guest Corner "Voice": Yukiko Koshima and Yuya Ohnishi

Unknown Life <Unknown Series No.3> 3開場共通チケット 500円

助成: 公益財団法人 野村財団
主催: Unknown 実行委員会キュレーション: カトウチカ

Unknown Life (Unknown Series No. 3)
Admission: 500 yen for all the venues
*The ticket is sold at all the venues.
*The ticket will allow you to freely enter the venues during the entire period.
*For this exhibition, 10% of the sales of works will be donated to the earthquake-stricken areas in Japan.

Supporter: Nomura Foundation;
Organizer: The Unknown Committee; Curator: Chika Kato