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Unknown Voice — Unknown シリーズ 号外




2012 年5月16日[水]—27日[日] 12:00-19:00


インタビュー映像「Unknown Surface インタビュー」ビデオ / 23 min.


Since the 3/11 disasters, what have artists perceived and created? In this Unknown series, Unknown Voice, aside from exhibiting works, I will show my film composed of the interviews I conducted with artists. This is aimed at independently showing the "voices" of artists who reflect the present state of Japan on an incredibly deep and subtle level. In Today’s post-3/11 state, what are the underlying ideas behind the works of these artists, whose lives are based in Japan? This show aims to reexamine the transformation that the artists undertook with the passage of time.
(March 10, 2012, Chika Kato)

Period: May 16 (Wed.) - 27 (Sun.), 2012
Venue: yukobo ART SPACE

Artists: Mio Shirai, Harutaka Matsumoto, Taro Morimoto, Akiko + Masako Takada, Mineki Murata, Yu Hara, Aya Murakami, and Nao Nishihara

Interview Videos / 23 min.
Shingo Francis, Taro Morimoto, Mineki Murata, Akiko + Masako Takada, and Ryuta Aoyagi
Interviewed and Recorded by Chika Kato

Live Perfoemance: Harutaka Matsumoto

主催: Unknown 実行委員会
キュレーション: カトウチカ

Organizer: The Unknown Committee; Curator: Chika Kato

お問合せ: info@unknownseries-art.com