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Unknown Surface — Unknown シリーズ No. 2





2012 年1月27日[金]—2月1日[水] 11:00-19:00




On the surface, our lives seem to have finally regained a sense of normalcy. But we are also beginning to realize that there is "a great loss of places and time." Moreover, the range of the affected area is gradually expanding (or is slowly being revealed). None of us on this planet can avoid being influenced by that reality.

What have artists perceived, thought about, and produced since the 3/11 disasters? With the word "surface" serving as a common theme of this exhibition, Unknown, I gathered artists who utilize an “excessive” element on the surface of their works, and asked them to exhibit their new works.

Each and every work in this show appears to be appealingly calm, but the artists respectively took daring leaps in their attempts through perceiving "the now." I hope you enjoy not only the sense of calmness, but also their rather radical attempts, the outcomes of their expressions, and the unknown Surface that is manifested in their works.
(December 11, 2011, Chika Kato)

Period: January 27 (Fri.) - February 1 (Wed.), 2012
Venue: Ayumi Gallery

Artists: Shingo Francis, Taro Morimoto, Akiko + Masako Takada, Mineki Murata, Aya Murakami, and Ryuta Aoyagi

Live Performance: Mineki Murata + Nao Nishihara

Guest Corner "Voice": Ken Iwama

主催: Unknown 実行委員会、キュレーション: カトウチカ

Organizer: The Unknown Committee; Curator: Chika Kato

お問合せ: info@unknownseries-art.com